STRANDED BELOW NIRVANA used to be GEEK MONKEY, which in turn used to be an old Blogger site called WHISKEY FOR THE MONKEY (and a film-related site called Celluloid Moon), and is my attempt to consolidate all the writing on film, books, and other assorted topics generally centered around that great big slab of interconnected bits and pieces we call LIFE scattered haphazardly around the ol' intarwebz since about 2005 or so.

The whole point of STRANDED BELOW NIRVANA is to have an outlet to write about everything that excites me, incites me, or otherwise gets my goose for better or for worse.  It's not just geek-related ephemera as the old name implied, it's a rambling record of one person's life as he juggles being a father, a husband, a corporate monkey and a Geek - occasionally all at once. 

The beer's cold, the music's fine, there's a stack of unread books over in the corner, and the screen above the bar just happens to be playing your favorite movie. Come on in.