One More Democrat Dies in 2055

Well, it's official. I'm finally blogging on this thing again (thanks Sean). And it's about time, because my liberal ass only has until 2055 before I'm toast. July 2055 to be exact. At least that's what tells me. And let's face it - if you only choose one authoritative source for all your Cosmo-type tests, then I guess you better choose one with the cojones to call itself Not to worry, though. Apparently I'm still going to live 10 years longer than the average:

Cancer though, man...that's rough.

I gotta believe it man...this thing can't be wrong. After all, it pegged me straight away for the bleeding heart liberal that I am:

Have no fear - I will continue to "exhibit a very-well developed sense of Right and Wrong" while believing in "economic fairness." At least until 2055, that is.