Opeth at Webster Hall 11/3

Opeth is coming to Webster Hall Thursday night, 11/3 with Nevermore and Into Eternity supporting. As I will be dragging my uber-indie friend Sean with me, maybe we can have a kind of Point/Counterpoint review of the whole shindig. I've gone to a few concerts with him to see bands like Interpol, The Pixies, and Tegan & Sara (all of which I really enjoyed), so it'll be a real experience to see how he responds to progressive death metal.

Opeth have been around for in some form or another for years now. Their new album Ghost Reveries is the first to feature full-on keyboards, and I think it just makes the music coming out that much more adventurous and different than what currently serves as "the metal scene." Mikael Åkerfeldt's vocals continue to get stronger - his clean singing has grown in leaps and bounds since the Damnation record. Hopefully after the show I can put a picture or two up here.