Oh the Horror! Movie Review Weekend

Once a month my wife works the entire weekend. All day Saturday, all day Sunday. It's kind of like her little gift to me - takes the blinders off my peepers and letting me run in circles, doing whatever I want, sleeping as late as I want, basically indulging my inner Bacchus to run wild without having to worry about any eye rolling or frowns of disapproval when I go about my daily routine wearing nothing but sweats, my vintage (i.e. old) Nightmare Before Christmas T-shirt, and the trusty old blue bathrobe. So how do I typically spend this hard-earned freedom?

Usually watching movies while eating every last bit of food from the fridge. Thank God I'm married; this isn't exactly serving as an open call to the ladies...

So, in honor of the Halloween weekend, I'm gonna plop myself down and start pouring through the dozens of DVDs that have been sitting around waiting to be watched. Yeah, I know...thousands of geeks all over do this marathon type of thing, and usually pick the most obscure films they can find just to prove how with it they actually are. Well, that's why I'm starting off with one big steaming pile of excrement called House of Wax - yes, the one with Paris Hilton. I promise the rest will be of a different caliber - I still have the new Val Lewton collection and the most recent Bela Lugosi package to go through as well. Plus there'll be a few non-horror flicks in there too: one classic and one big ass-whomping surprise I want to re-visit from my youth (thank you Netflix), so I'll have numerous reviews up over the weekend.

But first, I'll attempt to get through this pile of dreck first.