A Dark and Stormy Night

You ain't kiddin'! At the moment it's not even 6:00 PM and it looks 3 hours later. Add in the atmospheric (oooh, even I cringed at that one) thunder and lightning, and you got yourself one good summer storm a-brewin'.

That's it. Haven't come up with a purpose for this thing at all. It just seems like lately there's so much turbulence (eventually I'll get away from all these hokey literary devices) in my life I feel like there's no time for anything. Even when I take the time to do something to get my mind off of everything - read a book, watch a movie, engage in, well, activities with the missus - there's always something I feel I'm ignoring, something begging for release. So I figure I can use one of these things to blow off some steam, maybe find out what things I need to change to make life a little nicer.

We'll see. Maybe this will be like all the other things I start and then forget about.

Later I'll add a pretty picture of a flower or a kitten for anyone looking at this who wishes there was at least one thing worth checking out. Hey, who doesn't like kittens?