You Know, it Wasn't Entirely Dark...

I should probably mention a few things in case it appears that I spent the whole of 2005 with my wrists over a kitchen sink next to the cutlery - there were some shining moments, moments that I would never trade on, even if it means I have to endure as much crap as I did last year. My wife Gerri continues to be the exceptional, beautiful, hysterically funny, sweet, and absolute angel she's been for the past 14 years we've been together. And the pride I felt holding my brand new niece Amelia Elizabeth Ochs in September will only be rivaled when I one day hold my own.

I could say something really sentimental and cliche here, but instead I'll quit while I'm ahead and say I love my family. Past, present, and future.

On a more positive note, Happy New Year.