Nothing to Report

Not much to report yet. I made the calls to Mount Sinai telling them I agreed to be the kidney donor for my brother, and they're supposed to get back to me about my first series of tests. For some reason the woman I spoke to wouldn't make an appointment for me; the scheduler had to do it. That was a week ago and I haven't heard a damn thing.

Meanwhile, video games have taken me away from finishing the last 30 or so pages of Will in the World: How Shakespeare Became Shakespeare, so I'm endeavoring to complete it tonight. Good book - a lot of criticism has been levied at it claiming that the author, Stephen Greenblatt, takes far too many liberties, often stating that since blah blah blah occurred, then Shakespeare MUST HAVE blah blah blah. Well, that's just fine with me. I enjoy the extrapolations Greenblatt makes. The book is as much a record of what typical life in England during the 1590's - early 1600's may have been like, and since there are no real definitive records of Shakespeare's life, I can't really understand all the squabbling. I think it's a great primer for people who may want to learn more about The Bard, and at 400 pages, it's far lighter (and cheaper) than the massive $34.00 Shakespeare: A Life by Peter Ackroyd (which I'll probably pick up next).

Work continues to be, well, work. I also talked to my friend Steve again after a period of three years of silence (both parties responsible for no real reason I can think of), and I'll probably try to see what he's up to next week. He's a pretty accomplished guitarist, and now has a page up in myspace, under the name The Penny University. Check out some of the songs - in my mind kind of a mix of Jethro Tull meets Richard Thompson if they were both heavily into C.S. Lewis and William Blake.

In more Christian news, God likes you. So lighten up.