Cripes! Another Thing Gets Recorded For Posterity

So there's another thing that happened over the course of the last couple of days - it looks like we're finally buying a house. The entire house-buying history is too long and sordid, so the short version appears below:

Gerri and I started looking at houses last March. We found a house in June, agreed on the price, and while we were getting ready to do the inspection, the homeowners balked, saying the deal on the house they were buying fell through. We kept looking, the same house went back on the market in late November, the homeowners contacted us to see if we were still interested, and we proceeded again. Things went wrong right from the start, from the engineer who did the "inspection" to the lawyer who never called anyone back, and to the homeowners themselves, who turned out to not only be certifiably insane, but lawyers to boot. After a month of proving that most lawyer jokes are born from experience, we pulled out.

Went cold turkey on the house hunting over the holidays, got back on the wagon last weekend, where we struck gold on the first house we saw. Made the offer, got the accepted bid, had the inspection, and are taking care of contracts with our new lawyer this week. Things are looking up, and we're excited. So, expect that when we close this thing will be filled with pictures of the renovation. In the meantime, here's a picture of the future Casa de Voss: