My God, It's Full of STARS

This post is primarily for Sean's benefit. Another trade-off, and this time I will definitely write them both up. On February 25th we'll be at Webster Hall in NYC to see Stars, whose last album Set Yourself on Fire was pretty damn great. Gerri will be coming too, and we'll do the whole point-counterpoint thing I originally wanted to do with the Opeth show last November. Which review I said I would definitely post. With pictures. Of which I did neither.

By the way, the show was amazing. Even Sean, Captain of Indie, grooved a bit.

No worries, though. Two days before the Stars show, on February 23rd, Sean and I will be going to the Town Theater in New York to revel in An Evening with Opeth. The band will be doing 2 1/2 hours of music spanning their entire discography - no opening band. Pics for sure this time!