Clean Up in Aisle 12

Random bits and pieces of things over the last few days:

Instead of opting for our usual dinner location, my friend John and I decided to give this shabby-looking German restaurant Schnitzelhaus a try. The facade appears so inviting, doesn't it? No matter: when the sign says "Schnitzelhaus" you must enter...

Actually, although this pic of the interior make it out to be dead, 15 minutes later the place was thriving. The menu mainly consists of (surprise) schnitzel, but there was also various soups, wurst, and other German dishes, including some great German potato pancakes. It should also be mentioned that, since it's the middle of October, the beer was amazing.

And now I'm back in the office, and it's 90 degrees out and muggy as you could like it (or not, I guess). Here's a view of the back of the campus in Tampa, FL. The lake used to house two alligators.


Quick list of little things that tickle me at the moment: The new album Sam's Town by the Killers. The fact that I have two friends polarized at the moment by their respective love for the Cardinals and the Mets. 7-11 coffee (the 20oz.). Venture Brothers. The art of Paul Klee. Television DVD box sets. HOT FUZZ. Returning home to my wife tomorrow. Having a "free weekend" because said wife has to work. Sandals and sweatpants.

C'mon...who doesn't love sandals?