Unlucky 13

Okay...there's no way I'm going to make 31 scary movie reviews in October. No. Way. Besides the fact that the frikkin' Blockbuster doesn't carry some of the films I wanted to review (believe or not, no TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, no SUSPIRIA) and my Netflix has been busy catching me up on Battlestar Galactica (damn that show is great!), I would have to skip work and watch an additional 20+ movies AND find something remotely interesting to say about them.

So it ain't gonna happen. Uh -uh. Nope.

There WILL be 13 movies, though. THAT I can guarantee. Got 'em sittin' here right now, including one that just got released that is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE movies period.

All that by the end of the weekend PLUS the by-now obvious announcement that I've had to sit on for the past 3 weeks.

Oh, and another trip to Milwaukee soon. Hooray.