"A Break In This Routine"

Or at least that's what Diamond Dave sings in "Mean Streets."

After watching horror films non-stop for over a week (I also watched but haven't yet reviewed HALLOWEEN, DARK WATER, and HELLRAISER), it's time for a break. Watching these things and then spending a few hours writing up the reviews, revising them, finding the pictures and the marquee posters on the web...it's gets a little much.

So today I watched some Battlestar Galactica, finished the novel I was reading, cooked for my wife, and decided to take a firm break for the weekend. No horror. We're going upstate tomorrow to take my niece for a hayride and some pumpkin picking, I'm finally going to read Breakfast at Tiffany's, and we're going to watch some regular films. Next week I have to go to Lake Geneva in Wisconsin for a sales conference - plenty of time to watch some more films and get some reviews in.

In the meantime I wanted to throw something in here that wasn't about butcher knives and zombies and things that go "bump" in the night. So here are a few pics from my wife's grandmother's birthday a few weeks ago:

Grandma Fuschetto and my nephew Anthony. These things always look better to me in black and white.

Ah, you know this is an Italian gathering from the mandatory drinks on the table: Sambuca for the coffee, some Pellegrino for the digestion, and a bottle of red wine. And figs, baby...figs from the tree out back!

I'm determined to throw some more pictures up here, so I'll be snapping tomorrow up at the pumpkin place. Fingers crossed for some good Autumn foliage!