Maple Farms

Took a drive up to see my brother and my niece, who I hadn't seen since the surgery. Driving upstate in October is one of the best things you can do to gain back some sanity points. It helps to start out early, have some hot strong coffee, and a large variety of music that doesn't involve screaming.

Gerri and I started out with some radio games, trying to guess the music first. After laying a severe beat down (approximately 25 to 1), we tuned in some Stevie Wonder on the .mp3 player and sang the rest of the way up.

A little tour around Maple Farms in the tractor. Believe it or not, this was taken with the same crappy camera phone I take most of my pictures with. It was that nice of a day out.

A world of pumpkins. Don't be frightened; all pumpkins were safely corralled and fenced in. All pumpkin gatherers were schooled beforehand on proper pumpkin-gathering etiquette.

Here is my good-for-nothing niece, who was too damn lazy to walk herself back the 1/2 mile to the main farm area. Notice the haughty look of smug superiority she has towards her uncle.

Today I'm back home and finally getting some of the yard work done after three weeks of neglect. Mowing, re-seeding, hedge trimming, cleaning the gutters and painting the steps. No horror planned, except the horror of watching my wife attempt to "do some work outside," which invariably means me running around after her making sure she doesn't break anything, including herself.

So it took about a month, and right now I'm beat as hell, but I'm finally feeling like myself again. Thank you October.