Halloween Hockey

Out of the kindness of her heart, the head of my department gave me two tickets to tonight's Islanders game against the Chicago Blackhawks. I decided since the Missus was working, I would take my brother-in-law.

First stop was some chow at this little hole in the wall called American Burgers in Lynbrook. Awesome sloppy burgers - one for each state as well as numerous country representations (we both stuck the the New York burger - beef, american cheese, grilled onions and a grilled tomato). Small place, but good prices and a mouth-watering burger.

On to the game.

Pretty cool place. I had never seen an NHL game before, so even though the crowd was less than stellar, the people that did attend were gung-ho for some great ice action.

A few seconds later, the Islanders scored their first goal. I instantly become an Islander fan when I see #81 skate on the ice - his name is SATAN! I immediately go to buy a shirt.

More action. Midway through the second period the Islanders were up 3 nothing. 2 quick scores later by the Blackhawks put the game in some jeopardy, especially since there are no longer any ties in major league hockey. No worries, though - by the end New York took it, 5 to 2.

All in all a nice night. I love my brother-in-law, and we get along really well at family functions, but we don't so much 1-on-1; our tastes usually run in vastly different circles. But I knew he was a die hard Islander fan, so even though I'm not much of a sports fanatic (I love watching games live, and seeing them with groups of people - by myself I typically tuen them off after 5 minutes), I enjoyed the chance to have some fun on Halloween Night.