I don't think Milwaukee gets enough credit - it's one of the coolest cities I've vistied during my time with work. Couple of shots of the city at night:

Too bad it gets dark so early. My first class session ended around 4:30PM, by the time I got changed into street clothes and ran out the door it was already black. The downtown section of Milwaukee is surrounded by the river, and you can walk along the edges and check out the cool pubs and shops. They also have those cool sky ways for when it's 30 below out and you don't feel like getting frostbite. Right down by the old-fashion phone booth is a small Irish pub. The beautiful building it's connected to is the Wells Fargo building.

Across the hall from where our training was you could get a haircut, buy cigarettes and Playboy magazines, and purchase bus tickets.  Allcompanies should offer this.

Great beer here - I went to the Rock Bottom Brewery and had myself a Naughty Scotsman Scotch Ale which killed many brain cells. Had to make it an early night as I was training again the next day, so took a final phone pic before heading back: