Anniversary Catch-Up - UPDATED

When I originally wrote this I was also simultaneously burning some CDs for the office. My poor computer is incapable of doing two things at once, and neither can I, apparently, since I forgot to go back and read the damn thing before publishing. Some of the mistakes were EMBARRASSING! I went back in and cleaned it up some. Sorry!

Four years ago today I married my best friend. This would have been impossible, say, 15 years ago, as back then my best friend was Dave Baranowski (pictured right), whom, while possessing very fine knees, was not, as all the girls knew, the marrying kind.

That, and the fact he was a dude, of course.

So today was going to be a fun-filled day devoted to whatever the Missus decided she wanted to do - shopping, movies, dining out, going into the city - her choice. However, due to the discomfort of being "in the family way," right now she's sleeping off a big pancake breakfast and I'm catching up on the laundry and paperwork that needs to be done before I return to the office tomorrow.

Speaking of playing catch-up, here is a small list of things I've been reading/watching/listening to:

Been finishing up World War Z by Max Brooks. Brooks travelled all over the world recording the testimonies and recollections of survivors from the last Great War. Sounds like your typical history/journalism book until you realize (on page 1) that the War in question is the Great Zombie War.

Brooks takes the zombie premise (rooted firmly in the Romero world) and looks at what a global response to such an epidemic might realistically look like. Taking place over the course of 10 years, the novel reminds me a lot of another great zombie epic in print, Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead comic, which deals with the same issue but follows a small group of survivors instead of taking a global view. The seriousness with which Brooks tackles his subject makes for a fun read.

The Missus finally woke up, which means we'll be able to make it after all to go see STRANGER THAN FICTION tonight. Last movie I saw in the theater was THE PRESTIGE, which was great, and one of those few instances where the movie was better than the book it was based on.

Not much on the DVD front - tons of movies sitting on deck, but not a lot watched yet. I recently did a double-shot of Tony Scott films, watching MAN ON FIRE and DOMINO back to back. I think Tony Scott has got to cut back on his caffeine. Maybe that and not watching so much MTV. A lot of great directors now working cut their teeth in the video world, but they make the images work for the story, not try to fit the story in the images they want to show. It was cool to see Denzel play a total badass. I didn't like TRAINING DAY at all, but he worked in this for me. Probably the biggest thrill (besides the lovely combo of Kiera Knightly and Rhada Mitchell) was how awesome Mickey Rourke's been lately. Between DOMINO and SIN CITY and his upcoming turn in KILLSHOT (adapted by the kickass Elmore Leonard novel), Mickey's stepping out from under the rock he's been under since trying to become a professional boxer all those years ago.

Music's been all over the map lately. I've been listening to a lot of Hank Williams. Between him and Johnny Cash lies the insipid, pedestrian world of contemporary country music. But those two rule. I don't know if he's considered country, but I've also been listening a lot to the double album Cold Roses by Ryan Adams with The Cardinals. Really tender, intimate music with shades of Grateful Dead (in my mind) thrown in to make for a nice time.

When together the Missus and I have been completely enveloped by the new Pearl Jam bootleg live recordings you can purchase for the obscenely cheap price of $9.99 per show (which is typically 30-40 songs and includes covers and pics from each show). Click here to experience the Rock N Roll goodness!

The Missus is calling for her food fix. More later.