Still having trouble moving...too much food...

The Missus is working an open to close shift at the pharmacy today, meaning I have the whole day to myself, and I've spent most of it laying around the sofa, eyeing the leftover pumpkin pie with a steely glint. It ain't payin' no heed, though, and I reckon that's as good a reason as any for what I'm 'bout to do with it (eat it you dirty heathens. Sheesh...).

This morning I saw THE FOUNTAIN out at the cinema and came home to watch THE LAST PICTURE SHOW. Both initiated thoughts that might find their way here sooner or later. Took out my copies of Roger Ebert's The Great Movies I and II and am going to try to snap off a couple more films I've never seen but should have years ago. Amazing how broad a spectrum those books cover. So far I haven't watched a film yet from there that hasn't struck me.

Then tomorrow it's off to visit my relatives upstate, including my brother. Goofin' off, playing cards, watching movies, and laughing to the antics of my sister's's good to be able to extend the family time a little bit longer. The older you get the more the meaning of the holidays change.