UNCERTAINTY: Nov 28th & Dec 5th - 2 Shows Left!

Free shameless plug for a friend: If you happen to be in NYC in either the 28th of November or the 5th of December, there are many worse ways to spend $5 than to stop by the People's Improvisational Theater on 154 W 29th Street and see (trumpet fanfare):

Mike Sleap's NEW!! IMPROVED!! Uncertainty Show
(now with more elephants)

I could tell you all the nifty things that go on during the show (I already did once, in an earlier post), but why not let Mike you a little about it himself?

From the NEW!! OFFICIAL!! UNCERTAINTY website:

Uncertainty...is a one-man show about...well, everything in the universe. And love. And death. And quantum physics. And games. And addictions. And food. And Christmas presents. You know - all the really important stuff.

But aside from that, the show also explores how you may not get what you'd expect, and why that's not so bad.

So c'mon down and take a chance - 3-D glasses, impersonations, cool lights, and a chance to support people striving to make art. All for $5.