I've Got the November Flu(s)

I feel like the fluid and pressure inside my head is ready to shoot out my ears and nose. My throat is sore and my glands are swollen to the size of kiwis. Can't sleep, can't do much of anything except eat everything I can find around the house and just lay there saying, "uuuhhh..."

I hate colds more than any other sickness I've had. When the only remedy is "lay down, drink plenty of fluids and take it easy for a couple of days," I just want to pound my already throbbing head against the wall. Give me one of the good diseases, you know - the kind you can fix with a pill. I've been taking Sudafed Severe Cold and Flu all day and all it's done is give me upset stomach from mixing with all the post-nasal drip.

Finished The Namesake this morning around 6:00 AM. Really good book - if it hadn't been for the whopper that was Kurt Vonnegut's Palm Sunday this definitely would have been Book of the Month. With only one month to go I've still got three choices for Book of the Year. I may have to peruse them again before settling. Not over yet, though. As soon as the first snow hits here I'm going to start In Search of Lost Time. Haven't decided if I'll hit all seven volumes in a row (I only own the first two right now), or alternate a volume with another book. Dunno, but I'm going to try to write about the experience here for all of you who have ever been daunted by Proust or another author (my copy of Finnegans Wake lies mocking me in the corner of the bookcase). Watch a complete amateur flounder his way through 1,300-plus pages of French ruminations! See if he can finish before the birth of his first child!

Besides that, watched and was underwhelmed by SUPERMAN RETURNS this afternoon. By the end I was drowsing, and I think the cold was only partially responsible. All summer long the "tent pole" movies had been pretty mediocre. Still sitting here with NASHVILLE which I plan on watching tonight.

That's it. Been writing another post about reading, but I'm beat like a dog right now. Gonna fix another cup of tea and lay down for a snooze.