Raw Steak and Other Tastes

If you're in the city and in the mood for some great German food, you can't go wrong at Zum Stammtisch, probably the best place in the 5 boroughs. Zum Stammtisch has got the feel of an old German Beer Hall - wonderfully thick, traditional cuisine and beer served the way is was meant to: cold in big ass ceramic mugs.

In this brave new world of E Coli virus, it's nice to go someplace and be served raw steak knowing that you're not going to get sick. We had a quaint little foursome with the Missus' brother and sister-in-law, diving in to some goulash, steak tartar, and sauerbraten, jaegerschnitzel, and some apple strudel for dessert.

I enjoy my tasty mug of beer with the Missus at my side. She is unhappy at the fact that she cannot have my beer, and her face "looks huge" according to her in this picture. 3 months pregnant...what do you expect?

Only problem with German food and beer is that it's now only 9:30 at night and both of us are exhausted and eyeing the warm, soft, dreamy bed with longing.

Still lots to do this weekend - all the Christmas decorating to get done, cards to write, lawn to clean up, shopping to do...for some reason the winter weather just makes you feel happy to do it all. Those two weeks before Christmas, when your getting everything ready seems to be more "in the spirit" nowadays than the actual celebrating of the holiday itself. You spend all this time decorating, cooking, buying and wrapping presents, listening to Christmas songs and watching IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE or A CHRISTMAS STORY or THE BISHOP'S WIFE, hanging lights, getting cards from family and friends - it's this time that makes me feel close the the season, and having a house for the first time, and a real tree, makes it feel that much more special.

So yes - prepare for ridiculous amounts of silly house and tree pictures up soon!