Miles to Go Before We Sleep (Comfortably)

[Note: one wrong button push and I lost more than half of what I wrote - the original post was in all likelihood much better]

Okay. This is going to ramble a bit.

I am slightly more than slightly intoxicated. Let's make that known right at the beginning. In an effort to make things remotely interesting, I'll try to add pictures as needed. The bottle of wine next to me is only good for maybe two more drinks - this is probably a good thing.


I was driving home today listening to talk radio. They were talking about a rabbi in Tacoma, WA, who had threatened to sue the Tacoma Airport because they had refused his request to put a menorah up in the airport, which was already largely decorated with Christmas trees. Instead of putting up the menorah in celebration of Hanukkah, they removed all the trees. I sat in the car and listened to the callers express their views while the hosts made jokes (it was a comedy show, I can't blame them there), but a thought jumped out at me after a particular call: the airport took down everything because they didn't want to set a precedent - if they made an accommodation for Hanukkah, where would it end? They'd have to also make future accommodations for Kwanzaa, for Ramadan, for Diwali...the list could go on.

I listened and I thought to myself about how one thing about this country you really can't deny is the amount if ignorance we as a whole have of each other. Whether it's our religions, our political beliefs, or our lifestyles, too many of us are ignorant on the larger world outside our homes, or worse, content to base those views we have on stereotype. And when faced with something that could conceivably threaten that shelter we've built for ourselves brick by brick, we often take the coward's way, the safe way out.

So what do you do? I thought about airports, and what airports are. Airports are gateways, points of departure, points of arrival. What other large community areas play host to so many different cultures, different beliefs? Maybe we're wasting a great opportunity to promote understanding, promote knowledge and acceptance, if not belief. Why NOT decorate airports with Christmas trees and Menorahs? But don't stop there - build displays that celebrate and educate the holidays and observances from all walks of life. International airports could double as museums as well as embassies dedicated to advancing brotherhood in what should be a global community based on mutual ackowledgement and understanding each other's beliefs.

I can't help but think we're wasting a chance here to really do something beneficial, instead of fighting and turning our repsective beliefs into an opporunity for legal action let's just acknowledge it all - celebrate it all. Faced with the choice of ripping down my Christmas decorations or partaking in double the joyous festivities, I'll take option #2.


I thought about this, and left it to come home and take care of things. I had a cold that lasted about two weeks, then had to leave for a week on business only to come hom and find my wife now has the same cold. I pulled something in my upper back and shoulder that pertty much leaves me in constant pain every second of the day, the lawn needs to be finished, the decorations need to be put up, the laundry and house need to be put into order, and my wife is so miserable becuase besides being 4 months pregnant she has this ridiculous cold and she can't even take anything and I haven't slept well in 2 weeks and she hasn't in 4 months and tonight when I came home she wa crying because she was having trouble breathing and her stomach hurt so I rubbed her belly and whispered to her and told her that everthing would be okay and to try and relax and I promised I wouldn't stop rubbing her belly or take mt hand off her forehead becuase when she's really upset or stressed she loves the feeling of my hand on her forehead.

I did all this tonight and I thought about the baby and how I want him or her to come into a world where the ideals of humanity are defined by knowledge and truth and beauty and art and decency, and not ignorance and fear and predjudice and greed and blind ambition.

And I realized that everything going on in my life life is happening all over the world, to every one of us, and it can sometimes blind you to what's around you.

So I'm going to try, and keep trying to do my part to live up to those ideals, regardless of how many things threaten to push their way into the foreground.

Because now every day I see a reason to continue trying.