Still Snifflin', Still Sneezin'

Been out of work since Wednesday. Have to travel at 6:00 AM Monday morning to Tampa, FL to give a 2 hour hour lecture in the afternoon. My voice sounds like Darth Vader and my nose feels like it belongs to Jimmy Durante. Plus all the Nyquil is making me see things...

One thing I did accomplish yesterday was going with the Missus to see the OB/GYN for our 12th week visit. Small gurgle of concern when the doctor couldn't finds the baby's heartbeat. We've both read and heard from a lot of people that this can be perfectly normal, and sure enough when we went for the sonogram there was the little critter, bouncing around and waving its hands like it was a midnight rave and someone spiked the punch with Ecstasy. So crazy. This thing is only 2" long, and you can see fingers, toes, thumbs, eyes...I did a fast calculation to see if I could count everything and I did manage to see that one hand had the right number of digits as our child seemed to wave at us as it jiggled around.

I looked at the Missus, and we both shared this moment where, for no reason whatsoever, we were convinced we were looking at a boy.

No way of knowing right now, and I typically don't put any stock in those sort of feelings. In fact when my sister was pregnant and was utterly convinced that she'd have a boy due to a strange dream she interpreted, I laughed my ass off (It was a girl, BTW). Still, this flash hit us both so hard it was uncanny.

Everything else was fine, and we left with these big-ass grins on our faces.

12 weeks down, 28 to go.