It's Almost Here

You know how I know? Because it's cold, cold! 2006 is drawing to a close, and I'm a little sad to see it go. At the beginning of the year I posted this little ditty, hoping that the new year would be a little bit brighter, a little bit warmer - in the soul if not in the weather. Quick rundown of my resolutions and their outcomes:

Get in better shape - I lost 45 pounds prior to the surgery, dropped my blood pressure and my cholesterol. After the surgery I did gain back about 20, but I'm slowly getting back on my diet and exercise regimen, and am still 20 pounds lighter than I was.

Do something about my job - Well, I did get some more money, and we finally hired a third person (who just left), so this year wasn't nearly as grueling with the travel. I got to work from home a lot more, so that's something at least.

Buy a house - Check that little @#$% off - May 4th was the big day - next stop: Beverly Hills, bee-yotch!

Have a baby - Working on it - you can't make these things run any faster. No matter how many gamma rays you zap your wife with, it still take about 9 months.

Make sure I make my wife laugh and smile at least five times a day - I won't say it's five times a day, but I definitely think I'm getting close...mushy as it seems, this is the one goal I keep in my mind every single day.

Help my brother in every way that I can - He got a damn kidney from me - what more does he want! Obviously, things in that department are so far working out very well, and I continue to try to be there for him as he slowly adjusts to life post-kidney by beginning to get back into the normal grind.

Write in this damn thing at least once a week - 134 posts this year and countin', baby! I still can't say I've found my voice or what I really want to write about yet - I've come close a few times, but no real consistency yet. 2007? Keep plugging along...

Make sure I can make myself laugh or smile at least half as much as I want my wife to - This was made a little easier by the fact that no close relatives died (thanks!), and for the most part, our resolutions came together. My complete Monty Python Flying Circus Library also helped. A lot.

2006, you'll be getting a proper good-bye before the year's out. Lots of year-end stuff to post, including a couple guest posts from former blogger Jason, some more reviews, pics, etc...

PS - I have no idea what the sign means. I mean, I know what it mean, but no idea why I posted it. Maybe I needed to STOP for a second and take stock of what's happened this year.

Nah, that would be too obvious...