Beginner's Luck

So last week my roommate from college Bob calls me to come over for a little poker with him and a few of his friends. Two problems: He lives in Smithtown, and I have never played poker (at least Texas Hold 'Em) before. I hadn't seen Bob in about a year, despite the fact we live reasonably close (40 miles) together and keep in fairly constant email/phone contact. So I played a few unimpressive rounds on Yahoo! and, having secured some money and a couple cans of Guinness, decide to brave the cold and play some cards.

I get to Bob's and, after much rejoicing and reminiscing about the old days, he proceeds to run me through some Hold 'Em etiquette - checking, the meaning of the blinds, how to deal the cards, where to put your chips, the difference between playing Limit and No Limit Hold 'Em - my mind was scrambling the entire hour or so lesson. This was Bob's face as he realized I had no poker face, kept forgetting to check, and bet on cards that a blind man could see wouldn't get me anywhere:So of course God looked down and gave Bob, and the rest of the players the BITCH SLAP as I proceeded to win not only the cash out Limit game we started with, but the additional No Limit game we played next - in less than 30 minutes.

Thank you, oh God of the Blessed Flop. Here's a chip on the house.