Scenes From a Yugoslavian Restaurant

So last Saturday night we went out to celebrate Gerri's grandmother's birthday. And, being the staunch Italian family that we are (excepting the German writing this), we of course went to a Yugoslavian Sports Club for dinner. This is the basement of the sports club, where there's a few tables manned by two or three old dirty waiters.

Not much I wanted to talk about here, just a few scenes of family life during a small but fun celebration. Gatherings of this nature with my own family happen perhaps once every few years, and are usually cold, remote, and filled with snatches of conversation meant to be acknowledged and envied, but never responded to.

Family gatherings in my wife's family occur with the frquency of the launch of a new reality show. And even though I bemoan the fact that I have to do these things with such regularity, I always end up enjoying the sense of family that's missing from about 90% of my own family get togethers.

Family. Yup, nice to have.