UPDATED: America's Chance to Redeem Itself: Week 2

Okay, America, just a quick word before tonight's American Idol. There's only 11 contestants left. Really, you have no choice. Unless he's possessed by the spirit of Elvis Presley, it is time to let the Long Island phenomenon Kevin Covais go back to grow up a normal child in Leavittown, New York. Please. You don't know what you;re doing by keeping this kid on week after week.

Look, I know Melissa had to leave. Although I thought she wasn't nearly as bad last week as Kevin, I acknowledge your decision to kick her off the show. Screwing up the lyrics to ANY song, let alone Soul King Stevie Wonder should always book you a one-way ticket home. But America, there's only 11 left! And 10 of them are pretty decent (or at least pretty to look at). The time for jokes are over. Let's let Kevin go back to making the girls swoon at his high school dance.

Please, America...please.

Okay, America, I'll cut Kevin some slack. It still wasn't great, but it was his best performance so far and Buck crashed and burned. Memo to Bucky - you were aware, right, of all the great country and western music that was around back in the 50's? I know Chris Daughtry and Kellie Pickler were - they were great last night. Just goes to show you that, no matter how he's sung, Johnny Cash was THE MAN.

So it looks tonight to either be Bucky or Lisa Tucker, who has been underwhelming the last few weeks. Kevin, you keep the illusion for another week.

Oh, man...I cannot believe I am this addicted to this show!