The Diet 4 Weeks Later, Plus Some Previews of Reviews

Before even getting started, if you happen to be in the vicinity of Mulberry Street in the Little Italy section of the city, do yourself a huge favor and check out Ferrara's, an insane Italian dessert/coffee place. I gained weight just looking at it.

It's been a while since I did any posting in here. I had a bunch of things to update, and I will, but I've been working non-stop on writing up work-related things, and all that sort of took the drive out of writing in here. So instead of a long essay-type piece on my doctor-prescribed diet and its results, here a quick run-down:

After four weeks, I managed to drop about 17 pounds, from 233 to 216. However, the date of the follow-up appointment to see my liver results and find out the rest was postponed to April 13th, so I have an additional two weeks to drop some more (hopefully). So instead of trudging back to work, Gerri and I spent the day in the city and went down to Little Italy. I had never been in that section of the city before, and thank god - I would now be 50 heavier than I was. We stopped in the middle of the day for some chow and a little bistro on Mulberry Street:

Great little place. I actually was still very strict at this point in the food festivities. However, that all fell apart when we arrived at Ferrara's. I'm still okay, maybe gained a pound or two back over this weekend due to some errant pizza laying around the house that I couldn't resist, but I'll be back on track tomorrow and should be down another few pounds by the end of the week. The new goal is to be around 210 for the 13th, which is only 6-7 pounds, so we'll see.

So, this week I will be putting together some reviews on music as well as compiling a list of my 10 favorite Metal records, complete with some commentary. On the review front I'll look at the debut "metal" record by Mrs. Big Willie Style, Jada Pinkett Smith as well as a real-time review of CDs I picked up on a whim and hadn't heard yet. I'll also try to post reviews of the films THANK YOU FOR SMOKING and SLITHER. I'll also be in the Chicago area for two days next week, and will snap some pics for this here site.

Seacrest OUT!