Cheeky Monkey: Rhode Island Part II

What can one say about a restaurant called the Cheeky Monkey? There were monkeys. It was cheeky. 'Nuff said.

Well, actually, there is a lot more than that. Picture a swinging lounge type atmosphere mixed with incredible food, spacious rooms, and a hint of the old new England charm, and you come a bit nearer to what this place has to offer. We arrived and went up to a small lounge on the second floor, where the group was indulging in some drinks from the open top-shelf bar. Chase spares no expense! After arriving with Lorraine in tow, the sheer number of salespeople in the room dictated that I have a least one drink. So, a gin and tonic later (remember, I don't really drink, so cut the lightweight a break!) I felt friendly enough to walk around and "press the flesh."

Never had I seen a place more aptly named. The restaurant is literally crawling with monkeys. Below are a few pictures (some taken by me, some taken from the website):

Here's a very dark picture of Lorraine smiling next to the monkey guarding the door to the restaurant. This is at the end of dinner; as Lorraine doesn't normally like having her picture taken, you can see the benign effect being near all those monkeys had on her!

This is a picture of a lamp near the table I ate at. As you can plainly see, this is a monkey that has his hands full. Yup, monkey. Two hands. Full. Monkey.

All in all, it was a pretty nice time. I decided to leave early, as the temptation to drink and flirt shamelessly with the ladies was too much amidst all those primates (kidding Mrs. Voss!). However, if this is to be the norm for dining while I'm here, I will definitely be joining the group for tomorrow. I would have added in additional pics, but towards the end of the evening it was hard to get people to stand still due to increased monkey/alcohol activity. For the record, here was what I had (all excellent): pork dumplings, spicy calamari, spring rolls, mesculin salad with blue cheese and raspberry dressing, filet minon and salmon with coffee and a chocolate raisin mini-muffin for dessert.

Monkeys good. Rhode Island good. Chris tired. Chris go to sleep.