Summer Colds Suck

Yup. They really do.

If the pressure's not sitting behind my eyes and nose like an angry samoan (catch that hardcore reference, suckas!), it's winding its way down to the back of ny neck, or sitting in lotus position in the middle of my chest smoking a bong. I slept most of Wednesday after leaving work early, and saw the doc on Thursday who put me on some pills, so we'll see if modern chemistry combined with plain old fortitude can knock this out.

Been listening to Sonic Youth's new one, Rather Ripped. Everyone says it's much more accessible than their other stuff, so I gave it a chance. Pretty damn good. Rats in particular rocks hard. So I decided to go back a give the back catalog another chance. Right now listening to Dirty, and beginning to enjoy that as well. Now I can finally say I'm with the hep crowd.


Question: Can I lose any of my indie cred if I admit right now that I laughed like a loon while watching the movie JUST FRIENDS the other night? Watching Ryan Reynolds and his younger brother fight and scream like loons was some of the best comedy I've seen all year. Yes, I rank this higher than THE SQUID AND THE WHALE and JUNEBUG. Stick that in your craw, Ebert.