Bloc Party @ McCarren Park Pool: 07-29-06

"Did you know that the McCarren Pool is the size of three olympic size swimming pools?"

For some reason, not only could I not stop thinking about this fact, but I couldn't stop repeating it all night to Mrs. Voss and friends during our trip there to see Bloc Party on the third stop of their American tour.

The Pool Beneath Our Feet (title gratefully cribbed from Mr. Salman Rushdie, who I'm sure has never read this blog). Beginning from 6 o'clock and moving clockwise: Yours truly, Mrs. Voss, Indie Captain of Crappy Phone Pics, Little Miss 14 Years Younger Than Me.

We didn't really care to see opening act Secret Machines, so we stepped inside just as Bloc Party were getting ready to hit the stage. There was a pretty descent breeze that not only cooled us off, but managed to lessen the stench of pot, Brooklyn Lager and patcholi sweat that settled like a miasma over the crowd.

Rock On! Mr. Preppy Frat Man gives a "wiggle thumb" to the start of the show.

I won't profess to being too familiar with Bloc Party. I have the album, and on first listen immediately liked it. Their sound is pretty firmly rooted in 80's brit pop/rock with a healthy dose of post-punk for good measure.

The CD is good - live they were awesome. The sound was fantastic, and the bass and drums really stood out in front. This is definitely a band who can change someone's mind after seeing a show. Frontman Kele Okereke was great - his voice is the thing that catches you off guard.

Wanna taste? Here's one of my favorite tracks from the album (right-click & save as):