Rollins Band/X @ Nokia Theater: 08-16-06, Part 1

(pictures gratefully cribbed from Sean, since my camera was fuck-all for the evening)

Got to the Nokia around 8:00 PM, still tired and and groggy from my trip to Chicago the day before. I was yawning as Security passed their wands over me, and wondering how early we'd get out as we rolled down the escalators to the main floor. Ever since leaving Sean's car and realizing I left my wallet (and ID, so no drinking) at home, I kept thinking how much nicer it would be to have just stayed at home and caught up on sleep. I had never even heard X until that morning when I picked up their first two records (Los Angeles and Wild Gift). And Rollins? I admit I wanted to see the man in person, but it wasn't a burning need or anything...

Uh, holy crap...that's frikkin' HENRY ROLLINS! Playing "Disconnected" and sweating!

I completely understand that there are many people who do not care for Henry Rollins, whether it be for his politics, his music, or just the way he looks (I admit, there was a second during the show I thought he was going to launch from the stage Brock Sampson/Venture Bros style and eat somebody). I wonder how many of those people have actually seen him in person. 'Cause lemme tell you - after about 5 minutes I was completely galvanized (i.e. shocked by an electric current/spurred into action).

Sean managed to get up to the front row and snapped this excellent pic of Henry screaming his heart out to "Liar." Sean also managed to get drenched in Rollins Sweat. Damn that guy sweats a lot!

The show lasted about an hour, in that hour the band was tight, Rollins was an animal, and the entire crowd was at their mercy. Here is a guy who in all his years has never compromised, has never backed down from his beliefs and his convictions, has never apologized for his role in Johnny Mnemonic. If we took Uncle Sam down from the posters and put Henry's visage in its place this country would be a better place.