Cat Hunters - Episode the First

One of the people I saw again during this past weekend's goodbye party for Steve was my friend Mike Sleap. To describe Mike is not to do justice to him - he's one of those people it's just simply easier to meet than to describe. Mike can be lofty, base, arrogant, humble, funny, annoying, and generous to fault - usually within a 3 minute period. Whereas Steve introduced me to Jazz and Classical music, it was Mike who exposed me (sometimes willingly, sometimes not) to many of my favorite artists, including Elvis Costello and Tom Waits.

For years he held numerous Chandler Bing jobs (i.e. jobs that no one can adequately describe. The most I could ever do was say he did "computer security stuff.") while his rather hairy inner 6'2" child screamed for more artistic release. So, in true "sounds lie a great TV movie" fashion, he quit his nice secure job, moved to Harlem, and is currently chasing his dreams by doing improvisational comedy with local troupe Motorboat, writing screenplays and treatments for studios, and taking greedy advantage of the Information Superhighway by way of things like this: