Movie Haikus and Muse

So the other day I get another email from Jason - this time with a challenge instead of a list. Summarize a movie in a 5/7/5 haiku. So from time to time we'll throw a couple in here for fun. If possible I'll throw in some fun pics.

Rocky IV (Jason)
"Itallian Stallion",
avenging friend Apollo,
kicks Soviet ass.

Gladiator (Jason)
Ridley Scott epic:
like a dumbed-down Spartacus,
but with more tigers

The Piano (Chris)
an arranged marriage,
passions sparked by melody,
Love in sharps and flats.

The Piano (slight return) (Chris)
a lone instrument
witnessing the horror of
Harvey Keitel's wang.

Tonight I'm off to see Muse at the Hammerstein Ballroom. Their 2004 album Absolution is one of the best records so far in this decade. Since hearing it for the first time last year it has never left my car or .mp3 player. Last month they released their latest offering Black Holes and Revelations. It's more of an acquired taste than Absolution, but I've been digging it the more I listen to it. Suppopsedly no cameras allowed in the Hammerstein, but I imagine between Sean and mysel we'll manage to sneak off a couple pics for the blog.
Don't be a fool! Pick up a copy of Absolution and Black Holes and Revelations!
Wanna quick taste? Right-click and save: