Because There's So Little to Say

Stars - "Look Up"

Today's my last day in the office. I'm designing a little animated tour for a website we host and basically cleaning off the desk. Tomorrow I'm working from home, making sure my co-worker Phil is caught up and prepped with all the initiatives I cover for the business, and then I'll put my out-of-office messages on my email and my office phone and that's it.

Bob Dylan - "Gates of Eden"

Gerri and I designated Labor Day weekend just for us. As long as the weather holds up, we're planning on spending it working around house, fixing it up as much as we can. Putting (finally) up the pictures in the bathrooms and dining room, staining the door downstairs, trimming the hedges and power-washing the deck. My boss sent a box of assorted wines to us yesterday as a housewarming gift, so we also plan on curling up on the couch and polishing off a bottle (or two) while watching some movies. Sleeping late together, making breakfast together, making love together, keeping and holding onto every hour, savoring every minute as poetry.

Ben Harper - "In the Lord's Arms"

Monday afternoon begins the slow ride to final preparations. Packing the bathrobe and pajamas, getting the books I want next to my nightstand, putting together the distribution list in Gerri's email so she can update everyone afterwards. I can't wear any jewelry, so the last thing we'll do that night is put my wedding band around one of Gerri's chains so she can wear it. We have be at the hospital at 6:00 AM Tuesday morning, so we'll probably go to bed early, although we're both betting at this point that neither of us will be able to sleep.

Mike Keneally - "Beautiful"

When I met with the Anetheiologist on Monday he asked me, "So you want to do a good thing?" as he took my blood pressure. This is the second most common statement I get - the first is "You're doing such a brave thing." I don't know if other people who have done brave things, regardless of what they were will share in my sentiment, but I think the key to knowing that what you're doing is a brave thing is that you're scared to death the entire time you're doing it.

Simon and Garfunkel - "I Am a Rock"

The other night Gerri came home and said she bought something she wanted to show me. Usually this means she bought some curtains, or shoes she wants my opinion on. This time she handed me a small bottle of vitamins and I knew that everything I decide from here on out has so many more implications than both of us have ever considered.