Bowie Prelude: Muse @ the Hammerstein

"Dude, I think that's David Bowie."

A slight detour before the concert...

The evening started in typical Sean fashion - the anticipated 7:00PM pickup actually occurred at 7:30PM, which meant that by the time we got to the Hammerstein, openers The Cloud Room were already wrapping up their set. We did catch the lat three songs though, and they were pretty good for what they were - a kind of swaggering indie rock band. So, beer in hand, we mosied over to the front right of the stage and prepared for some Muse greatness. So we're over by the side, and I'm looking at the seats that are about 12 feet away from us, and there's this guy sitting there - baggy corduroy pants, Pony sneakers, and a sweatjacket, which is kind of weird because it's the middle of Summer in NYC, right? And DAMN if he doesn't look like David Bowie.

So we start staring at him. He starts staring back. We use the Super Sean Computer Phone to look at pictures of Bowie for comparison. We keeps looking. He keeps staring back.

Finally, Sean whips out his subtle array of facial expressions: the "hey, are you who I think you are" look. We are rewarded with Bowie's own use of the resigned "yes, you caught me. Thanks for noticing. Now bugger off and let me enjoy the show please."

We cheer, the lights go down, and the show starts. Bowie looked like he was smiling.