All Aboard for Spooky Month!

Last October I waded through a few horror movies, from the 40's up to the last year's abysmal re-make of HOUSE OF WAX. I watched a lot more than I reviewed, so this year I decided to be a bit more dedicated. I have a lot of travelling to do this month - perfect time for movies and reviews.

So here's the basic plan: 31 days in October - 31 horror movies reviewed. If I start to run late, or I get too lazy and can think of a good hook, that number may dwindle to 18. I was trying to work in "666," as in 6 horror classics, 6 adaptations of horror, and 6...well..that's where I thought it'd be easier to review 31 assorted flicks. Don't know if that'll be 1 a day (I'm stockpiling now), or a few a week totalling 31 by the end of the month. At any rate, if I get to 31 I promise to make each one at least partially interesting!

So what's on the platter? Lots. Modern classic "slashers," Universal and RKO slices from the 30's and 40's, cult classics from the 60's through the 80's, foreign terrors, anthologies and slick Hollywood tripe. Some will be familiar to everyone (including me), some will be more obscure. One thing I can assure you of: after last year NONE will feature Paris Hilton in any way, shape, or form.

First couple are being watched and written up today for posting tomorrow, since I threw my back out and am confined to the couch. In the meantime, go outside - it's frickin' beautiful out!