Paul Muni Meets Bonnie and Clyde

I can't quite bring myself to post the picture of the actual incision, since it's kind of "below the equator" if you catch my drift. However, for those curious to see how you can get a kidney out of a body using 5 puncture holes, behold the result of lathroscopic surgery:

The one at the top was used to to push my diaphragm back, the next one down was used to blow air into the cavity (which I am still releasing to this day - never has passing gas been so sweet). Punctures #3 and #4 were for the surgeon's left and right hand, respectively.

I think #5, located on the side, was used to pick up satellite. I may be wrong on that count, though.

I'm also obviously feeling a little better today. We will actually attempt washing today, since not having showered since Tuesday morning coupled with the smell of dried blood and expelling air is not making me the most pleasant convalescent to be around, according to Mrs. Voss.