Welcome 2007!

To start 2007 off on the right foot, a little gift from me to you. I wanted to start the New year off with some great music, so here's some Mary Poppins action by way of John Coltrane:

Making a few changes around here - there are two new sites listed to the right under the heading of Monkey Business (yeah, I know - cute). Although the majority of everything I write will still be posted here, I wanted a separate home for all the film and book reviews - hence, the new sites. The Book Review site is still under construction - everything I've tried by way of a format seems to suck. But it should be up shortly, at least in time for the first official 2007 review, which will be for the excellent Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer (recommended by Sean). However, the Film Review site is up and looking about how I want it to. I'll try to add some specific content to each as I can!

Last night I spent the evening with my wife's family dancing to Italian music, playing Bingo (which is more fun than you'd think when you're playing with 20 drunk Italians), eating incredible food and generally feeling fine. When the clock struck 12, the Missus and I shared our kiss for the New Year, and then promptly got the hell out of there. Pregnant wife + staying up past midnight = cranky wife.

I made my New Year's resolutions, and hope to keep them. I'm sure you did, too. Salud!