UPDATED! Funniest Movie Moments #1: "Love Power" From THE PRODUCERS

A couple people wrote and asked how I could list this as the #1 Funniest Moment in Film. Easy - I didn't. It's simply the first entry I posted, hence the #1. The next one, regardless of how funny I think it compares to the others on my list, will be #2 and so forth.

And of course I refer to the original film version. I saw the musical on Broadway (not with Broderick and Lane), and thought it was okay. The film version of the musical? Blech.

A couple years ago I began keeping a list of what I considered to be some of the funniest moments on film. It never really went anywhere, but it appealed to my obsessive list-keeping sensibilities, and made me happy for the brief time I did it. I had completely forgotten about it until tonight when, in the process of trying to forget a particularly greasy dinner at a restaurant the Missus and I flipped through the channels and found the original THE PRODUCERS playing on Turner Classic Movies.

It may not be my personal favorite Mel Brooks movie (that honor going to YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN), but it certainly contains IMHO one of the funniest moments he ever captured on film.

And look: now you can see it on You Tube: