Leaving for Arizona

Tomorrow morning I'm leaving for Arizona to meet with the rest of my department. In typical corporate fashion, we're taking the first day to have a team building event. This time we're going to Sedona to check out the cool rock formations.

I will dress in appropriate "rock" fashion (insert devil horns here).

Then 2 days of meetings and I'm back on the red eye so I can take the Missus to for the amniocentesis. We have an 8:30 "genetic counseling" meeting before going in for the actual procedure. We've done a lot of reading and talked to a lot of people and are beginning to prepare ourselves for whatever happens.

The worst is not knowing - it takes 7 to 10 days before results come in. And even though the likelihood is 2%, we're trying to straddle the "cautiously optimistic" pony for this one. Everyone keeps telling us it's obviously a mistake - that we shouldn't worry at all but there's nothing you can do on that score.

So that's it. I will endeavor to stay true to geekdom and hit the used record and book stores, post some cool pics of rocks, and try not to become absorbed into the Borg-like entity that is the collective Business Training Department.

Borg. There. I just proved my Geek credentials.

And Dork, apparently.