Sleep With Bear

Every Monday and Wednesday I leave work early to go to the baby sitter to pick Jack up. After a 45 minute trip back to the house, it's feeding and play time until about 7:45 PM - then we get bath and (hopefully) bed time. Then, if God is feeling particularly generous, it's Free Time until about 10:20 PM when the Missus gets home from work.

I was scrolling through my cell phone trying to get the picture of my new nephew when I came across a picture of my son sleeping in his crib, taken about a month ago:

After the measly 5 hours I spend alone with no break from my son, I'm ready to curl up in a ball on the couch and watch reruns of What's Happening until my brain finally rebels and crawls out my ear, only to trip and stumble onto a floor strewn with bibs, stuffed animals and plastic teething toys. During these Father/Son outings I typically call either my wife or my mother 4 times with questions like, "He's not really eating too I doing something wrong" and "He won't stop eating...he's already had 10 I doing something wrong?"

I know the role of what it means to be a Father has changed significantly from the days when my own Dad held me up in the air. Every time I see him now he relates the story of how, when he held me up to change my diapers I simultaneously vomited and urinated all over him. My conclusion based on his repetition of the story is that this was his first and only attempt to join in the things my mother did daily to three children.

In about 30 minutes I'm leaving to pick Jack up and take him home for another night of Daddy and Me. He will laugh a lot, smear cereal over 85% of his face, cry at least once, and in all likelihood refuse to go to bed when it's time. If he's feeling particularly cocky he'll urinate in the tub just as I'm putting him in for his bath, forcing me to empty the tub and re-fill it, while he squirms naked on the counter trying to roll himself off. My glasses will be smudged, and will probably end up in his ends twice. I will read The Cat in the Hat and Mr Brown Can Moo, How About You? and will show him this blog when he's 30 and I need to have my diapers changed every Monday and Wednesday when he's watching me.

I am Modern Dad. Hear me Roar quietly, as soon as my son's asleep so I don't wake him and have to go through the whole thing all over again.