Rainy Day, Dream Away

It's one of those rainy, chilly October mornings. And I love it as much as I do those bright crisp October mornings. When there's no sun in the sky, and the wind is creeping up, all the colors are muted and the world begins to look like a Bergman film. I just re-heated my cup of coffee and, instead of working to my iPod, decided to let the music ring out (albeit quietly) on the little boom box next to my laptop. In lieu of an actual Autumn Mix (which I'm sure will be ably taken care of by Sean, who will fill it with 24 pieces of music I won't know), here are a couple things I brought with me this morning that remind me of October, and Autumn, and the feeling of cool winds whistling through dead leaves.

Man, I am definitely feeling High School/College poetic this morning. Where's my trusty Marble Composition book?

Sufjan Stevens: Seven Swans - Softer and less eclectic that either of his state-themed records, Seven Swans is in turns a more reflective, tranquil record. With its emphasis on banjo and acoustic accompaniment, songs like "That Dress Looks Nice on You" and "Abraham" provide a beautiful backdrop to both the morning's drive and that first steaming sip of java.

The Kinks: Kinda Kinks - First record I put on when I got to the office. Not only do you get the now-classic "Nothin' in the World Can Stop Me Worryin' About That Girl" (after it's use in RUSHMORE), you also get classics "Tired of Waiting For You" and the original "Dancing in the Street." I don't think early Kinks get the amount of respect it should - there's a whole world besides "Lola" and "Come Dancing."

Bob Dylan: Blood on the Tracks - There are a number of reasons I listen to this more than any other Dylan record. Two of those reasons are "Tangled Up in Blue" and "If You See Her, Say Hello." The more I listen to Dylan the more I realize he's the soundtrack to every generation.

Jimi Hendrix Experience: Electric Ladyland - This is the album I seem to come to now more than any other Hendrix record. A great mix of all his different signature sounds, I always envision "1983 (A Merman I Should Be)" as the song playing when the main character in the movie in my mind drives down the road to wherever his destiny takes him. Another quick note: Anyone who's read the liner notes to the record knows that Jimi's initially wanted the picture accompanying this entry as the cover for the record. The final close-up image eventually used doesn't come close to capturing the feel of the record, IMHO.

Other records brought in for the day: Miles Davis: Sorcerer, Iron and Wine: Our Endless Numbered Days, Nick Drake: Pink Moon, Dead Kennedys: Bedtime for Democracy (there's a story behind that one).

What records do you consider to be "Autumn" records?