Happy Halloween From King Kong and his Dad

Hooray! Halloween not only means trick or treaters, pumpkins, and lots of candy, it also means I'm just about done watching dozens of horror movies!!! In the spirit of good 'ol October coming to an end, my son Jack will help me wish you all a Happy Halloween:

Every time someone tells me how cute Jack looks as a monkey, I sigh and explain for the 100th time that no, he's not a cute little monkey. He is, in fact, King Kong. Need proof? Using the magic of film comparison, I shall remove all doubts about the nature of the boy's costume. Observe this famous scene from KING KONG (1933):

Everyone loves the Kong vs. T-Rex scene. It's a classic. Now see the same scene, faithfully re-created using Jack's King Kong suit:

The fearsome T-Rex approaches, not knowing that Kong is ready for him. They fight!

At this moment Kong has that pesky dinosaur right where he wants him.

Still not convinced? Well, I think these next two images should drive my point home. Rather than a side-by-side comparison, let's take a look and see if you can spot the subtle blending of the actual movie with Jack's life-like Kong suit:

Image #1: Attacking the inhabitants of Skull Island:

Image #2: Atop the Empire State Building:

And there you have it! Have a great Halloween whatever you dress up as!