Clothe These Dogs!

Any chance to shill for a good cause or, better yet, a good cause that friends are actually involved in...

Peppertree Rescue is a Albany-based program whose purpose is to "help find homes for dogs in need who represent the character and temperament commonly associated with Golden Retrievers friendliness, intelligence and a peaceful, loving nature." Most of these dogs have been abused and in some cases worse, yet still hold the spirit and temperament common to Golden Retrievers (although by no means are they the only breed rescued by Peppertree). Peppertree also works to coordinate with other animal shelters and rescue groups, and assists in educating the public about treatment, care, and the "good" ways to choose an animal companion. This is something that my friend and Guest Blogger Jason and his wife Mindy have been involved with since finding their own dog Boo (short for Boogaloo) through the program.

Since then, they've gone the extra step and have begun taking in more dogs as part of a rotating foster program. This accomplishes two things - it saves the group money in boarding costs, and provides a safe home environment for the dogs. Their latest acquisitions are Lady and Tramp, two pit bull mixes that defy all common prejudices and myths about pit bulls. Unfortunately Tramp is lacking a little in the hair department, and with Winter coming this pit bull's in need of some clothing. Jason asked me this morning if I could do a little investigating, and I thought I'd go one better and ask any of you out there

So if anyone knows of any websites that provide warm dog clothing that does not enforce pit bull stereotypes, please let me know. These dogs are about 40 pounds, and about the friendliest dogs you can get to know. And if you feel like getting involved in your community, be it with Peppertree or another local organization, what better time than now to get started? Find something you're passionate about, get involved, and let me know what it is. I'd love to hear about it, and I'm sure Lady and Tramp would be thrilled to know you're doing something in this period of Thanksgiving.