We Now Return to Our Regularly Scheduled Program

Let's just say if I was a newly created D&D character, whoever rolled me must have stuck the 6 in Constitution, because lately I'm getting sick if the guy in the next county sneezes.

Thanksgiving, normally one of my favorite holidays, was a dismal, black day due to the fact that I was so sick I couldn't get the stomach up for some of the delicious homemade pastries and pies made by my wife's family. I couldn't play with either my son, my 4-year old nephew OR my brand-spankin' new 1-month old nephew because I hadn't gotten to the doctor yet. The rest of the weekend proceeded in a similar fashion: sweating, freezing, coughing, sleeping, repeat. The highlight of my 4-day weekend (extended to 5 since I couldn't go 2 minutes without coughing on Monday) was finishing the second season of Avatar, alone, in bed, on my iPod while the Missus brought me up some toast.

A lot of friends have given me grief about my love for Avatar, saying that it's a poor-man's anime, but I unashamedly love it, and one of my recent favorite family moments was sitting down and watching it with my nephew, who was ecstatic that his Uncle Chris loved Avatar as much as he did. We yelled "Yip Yip" everything time Appa would fly into the air.

So now Tuesday is here, and I'm finally well enough to cart my bloated carcass back to the office. Today would have been Jimi Hendrix's 65th birthday, and it is also my son's 6 month birthday. Which means that it's also my friend Ken's son Nathan's 6 month birthday.

Which is also as good a place as any to end this post.