Criterion Likes the Cox

I know...that's a horrible title, and indicative of a prurient mind that might better serve the Common Good by being locked and prohibited the use of communicative devices, but what better title for the wonderful announcement that Criterion is welcoming Alex Cox's incredibly twisted and surprising WALKER into the family fold. While probably best known for his first two films, SID AND NANCY (also on Criterion) and the enormous cult classic REPO MAN, it's WALKER that really showcases Cox's talent. Discovering Alex Cox in high school occurred during a pivotal time in my life, when Punk Music suddenly replaced 80's Hair Metal, and Joe Strummer was a God among men, thanks in part to his incredible music score in WALKER as well as his starring turn in Cox's previous mind-f$#@! of a film, STRAIGHT TO HELL (my personal favorite). The world of "cult" film really started for me with Alex Cox, and I can't wait to revisit WALKER to see how it holds up after so many years.

And speaking of twisted and delightful films, I would be remiss if I didn't mention one of my favorite films watched this year that I managed to miss miss when it was in theaters and on DVD and cable for so long: HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH. Recommended by friend and occasional Guest Blogger Jason as the "1st 5-Star film I've seen in quite a while, and one of the few musicals that don't suck."

"Don't suck" is a vast understatement when talking about HEDWIG. Paul Cameron Mitchell has crafted an incredible story of love, lust, and the nature of identity and wrapped it up in a vibrant, unique little film with a music soundtrack that works as both an integral part of the movie as well as a kick-ass rock and roll album. Merging drama, comedy, musicals and even animation it's a bold and delicious look at the things we do in order to discover and accept the people we are. If you haven't seen HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH rush out a grab it - if for nothing else for the great music. Immediately after watching it I went and downloaded the soundtrack which has been a permanent fixture in the house ever since.

It's started to snow here, and I was originally supposed to attend a dinner in Manhattan to celebrate amongst work friends the successful launch of one of our new business systems. Fancy pants, right? Then why am I more excited at the fact that I think I'm going to use the snow as an excuse to stay in and cuddle with my wife and son?

Snow, movies, family, hot cocoa and fuzzy socks with games and hugs? Not even close.