Home is Where Your Gate Is

At least that's the case for me, having my flight back from Chicago to New York delayed from 3:00 PM to approximately 6:00 PM. So B9 has become a temporary sanctuary to myself and about 75 other passengers trying their best to get to the Big Apple.

The most I ever get to see of Chicago seems to be the airport. After a canceled 6:00 AM flight I caught the 7:00 AM and arrived here Wednesday morning about 8:30 AM local time and immediately took off for the suburb of Wheaton, IL, where it was my solemn duty to attempt to explain our company's new pricing strategy to a bunch of people that were more thankful for the hour they got off the phone than for any information I had to relay to them. What are you going to do? It went about as well as could be expected, considering that I (in true corporate fashion) only received the materials and objectives for the training the day before...

Nonetheless, it was a fun time traveling from Wheaton East over to Oak Brook where we whooped it up for a few days at the Midwest Regional Sales conference. Approximately 100 salespeople crowded in a hotel that serves copious amounts of alcohol for three days is truly a sight to behold. Being almost entirely 100% Anti-Sales (despite the fact that one could part of my job is to "sell" the information and training I provide to the audience), it's always a treat to watch these people in action when they've had a few drinks in them. This year the hotel staff walked around in black shirts advertising something called a "Chase-tini" which was an odd mix of martini and margarita, and blue to boot. A little warm, but nice.

But since I'm not much of a drinker, and also technically a representative of Human Resources to boot, I spent the majority of my free time reading and catching up on DVDs bought well over a year ago and never watched. So it is with great pleasure that I can say I finally watched APOCALYPSE NOW REDUX, and I loved it unreservedly. I can also say that having spent the last hour or so starting Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides that all former contenders for Book of the Year have some serious competition coming up. Fantastic from the first page, which was to be expected after the awesomeness that was The Virgin Suicides.

At that's about it for now. Too many people milling around me, too much involved with the book, and too anxious to get on the damn plane already and get home to my family.