Cleaning House

My wife just left with her sister-in-law to shop for light fixtures. I'm supposed to be cleaning the house, but, uh...just not feeling it. So instead here's a few things I've been thinking about the past week:

TV: The return of LOST after 3 months was slightly underwhelming. After watching the first 5 seasons of 24 on DVD, Watching Season 6 week to week is lame. Although I think it's also the fact that this particular season is lame to begin with. Thank goodness for the following shows, which good or not, I thoroughly enjoy: HEROES, SCRUBS, THE OFFICE, PSYCHE, MONK, SPACED, and BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. After 2 amazing seasons, I don't know what happened to VERONICA MARS, but it's not looking good for another season. Of course, none of this would be possible without the wonder that is DVR. Now I can still have a semi-normal life and geek out at my leisure.

ANNA NICOLE SMITH: The ass-humping, carcass-scavenging media actually got me to feel sorry for Anna Nicole Smith. Not by covering the story with taste and decorum, but by being so exploitative and sickening that you'd feel sorry for anyone being scrutinized in such a way. I honestly think ANS was a victim for most of her life, and it's really sad what all of this has degenerated to. You never would have thunk it, but Harry Knowles over at Aint It Cool News wrote up a nice piece that kind of perfectly captures my thoughts on the subject.

THE POLICE: As in, "OH MY GOD THE POLICE ARE REUNITING ON THE GRAMMYS TONIGHT AND TOURING THIS YEAR!!" I've been pretty vocal about my feeling on seeing acts that are waaayyyy past their expiration date, regardless of how "classic" they are (e.g. The Rolling Stones, The Who, Van Halen...). But this is one reunion I may actually fork over the cash to see.

SWANN'S WAY: Book 1 of Marcel Proust's In Search of Lost Time is amazingly complex, erudite, satiric, and did I mention never-ending? It's only 600 pages or so, and the language isn't hard to read, but for some reason it feels like it's taking forever to read. Despite the advice, watching LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE last night for the first time (funny flick - got better the more it moved along) did nothing to enlighten me on all the pieces I'm probably not getting. And I'm getting a lot out of every page. There's just THAT much in the book. I am definitely moving onto something after this instead of immediately plowing into Book 2.

BABIES: I realized this week that you never see babies dressed in black. This came to me as I was searching around the Internet looking for cool Rock & Roll shirts for the boy to wear when he comes out. My sister-in-law found a cool Beatles shirt, but I want baby Ramones shirts, baby Sex Pistols shirts. I can't believe there's no market for this. The little guy continues to kick and move around every morning, but we're not quite at the point yet when I can feel him. We bought one of those baby monitors that you can use to listen to the baby's heartbeat and play soothing music to him, so tonight we're going to give it a shot with some Mozart. I think Punk Rock is going to have to wait a bit...

WEATHER: Man, can we have some snow please? I know everyone else is getting it, but we haven't had a snowfall that stayed on the ground for more than 20 minutes before melting. Everything looks old, dirty, and cheerless around here. I'm not looking for feet here, okay? But how about a few inches just to make things look fresh for a while?

THE 2008 ELECTION: This is turning out to be one of the most interesting races in a long time. Though I am generally liberal in my leanings (no real surprise there), I don't know which direction I'm leaning in yet. Going to try and read up as much as I can and stay impartial until I know for sure who looking out for me and mine, y'all.

Peace Out.