Cubicle Upgrades and Other Assorted Bric-a-Brac

On Friday the Gods of Corporate Upgrades saw fit to bestow upon me a larger cubicle. For the past two years I've been gleefully snuggled away in a dark corner of the office, where I disconnected the overhead lights and was surrounding by two soothying concrete walls. It was small and cramped, but very private and cozy. However, the Powers That Be decided that the small and decidedly non-visible cube was no place for a VP, and I was kindly (yet forcefully) asked to join the rest of my peers in the main area of the office.

The cube is bigger, I have another chair for guests, and of course now I'm fully exposed to tiger attacks and client requests. Damn.

Elsewhere, I've posted a few items related to movies in the sister site, Monkey at the Movies. I didn't want to keep putting the same posts in three different places, so if you want to read about my frustrations trying to watch THE PROFESSIONALS or see two trailers for some pretty cool-looking movies, click on the link in the right menu, or you can simply click here.

I also started the epic odyssey that is reading Marcel Proust's In Search of Lost Time. I'm only half-way through the first book, Swann's Way, but am completely taken. It's challenging, requires more focus than I'm used to putting into a book, but completely worth it. I plan on tracking my progress and thoughts here, but haven't had time yet to put something together.

If anyone out there has read the book, let me know! I make no bones about the fact that, although the language isn't difficult per se, trying to capture all the themes and different levels that Proust works on makes my head want to explode at times.