One Hour Later

I know we only lost 1 hour yesterday, but I feel like I just flew to Tokyo. This is probably compounded by two factors:

  • Sick Wife: the Missus has been been sick since last Tuesday and, being pregnant, is severely limited in what medicines she can take for it. So I've taken to the futon in the office because I had a 2-day class I was facilitating for the bank and couldn't afford to be sick. On Friday things didn't look any better so I stayed on the futon another 2 nights, which is about as comfortable as you would expect (those of you reading this who have actually stayed on my futon - I apologize profusely now). The weekend was spent cooking, doing laundry, and trying my hardest to be sympathetic while picking up tissues and used glasses all over the house. Coming back to work today feels like a vacation.
  • Young Women Living it Up in Paris: My friend Victoria, whom I met when she interned at the bank, is extremely smart, beautiful, and full of life and passion for everything around her. She also extremely young. As in still having "-teen" affixed to her age. She's currently studying for a semester in Paris, and taking every possible advantage of it. Trips to Amsterdam, the student equivalent of the literary expatriate skillfully portrayed by the likes of Hemingway and Miller. Every time I speak to her I remember being that young, and it feels like it was decades ago. After one fun evening the Missus and I came home and just sat there, stunned by our incredibly advanced (mid-30's). I tell you, it's enough to make you want to buy a cane.

So put those together, subtract the 20 oz. cup of coffee I had this morning, and you about have the feeling I had coming into the office today. Maybe it's the weather, the lounging about doing nothing but eating cookies and watching television in between bouts wife care, but I've definitely got that "gotta get out and do something" feeling right now.

Only 6 hours to go and I can just that. As soon as I check on the Missus, finish the laundry, cook dinner, get the bills paid, call the tax accountant, take out the trash, clean out the garage...

20's, where have ye gone?